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40ft Containers

The 40ft container is the most standard sized container. Due to its large size, this container is mainly used for shipping and intermodal transport.

In addition, the 40ft container, like the 20ft container, is extremely suitable for the storage of goods. We often rent and sell this container to both individuals and companies.

Types of containers

We rent out and sell various types of 40ft containers, of which the 40ft storage container (40ft standard) is the most popular.

In addition to our standard containers, we also have a wide range of other containers (new and used), such as:

  • The 40ft double door container. This type of container can be opened on both sides and can therefore be loaded. This ensures that you can always access your stored goods.
  • The 40ft open top container. The open top can be loaded from above. Ideal for large machines, for example.
  • The 40ft reefer container is suitable for refrigerated goods.
  • The 40ft high cube container has an extra height of 30 cm: ideal for your storage problems.


Rent or buy a 40ft container?

Do you want to buy or rent a 40 ft container? Then you are at the right place at CBOX! Depending on the frequency of use, you can make a choice with us.

Is the 40ft container required for temporary storage? In that case we would advise you to rent the container from us. On the other hand, buying the 40ft container can be more profitable if, for example, you want to ship goods abroad. If you would like advice about buying or renting a 40 ft container, please contact us by calling +31 (0)20 - 21 61 200 or emailing Together we look at what best suits your wishes and requirements!

CBOX rents and sells both new and used 40ft containers.

The 40ft standard containers and 40ft containers with extra functions can be picked up at our depot, but we can also arrange transport for you. The transport rate depends on the zip code area you are in.

Price of a 40ft shipping container

The price of a 40ft container depends on the choice for rental or sale. We rent out the 40ft container from

€ 2.50 per day. The sales rates of our 40ft containers fluctuate. The container price also depends on the state. Do you want to buy or rent a sea container and are you curious about the exact price? Then you can request the price in our web shop. You can also request a quote with us.

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Dimensions of a 40ft container

The 40ft containers dimensions are as follows:

40 ft container outer size (l × w × h): 12200 mm × 2440 mm × 2590 mm

40 ft container inner size (l × w × h): 11950 mm × 2330 mm × 2370 mm

40 ft container door sizes (w × h): 2330 mm × 2280 mm

Weight: 3900 kg

Volume: 66 m3

What does CBOX Containers stand for?

Do you want to buy or rent a 40ft container? Then we would like to hear what we can do for you. At CBOX Containers you can always count on quality. We are the specialist when it comes to container sales and container rental.

  • We stand for a very fast delivery with our own transport vehicles and external partners.
  • You can always count on good service and the best price
  • Due to our large stock, we can deliver directly from stock
  • You have a permanent account manager and personal contact

Do you have questions about our 40ft containers, or do you want advice? Please feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0)20 - 21 61 200 or emailing  We are happy to assist you. Based on your wishes and requirements, we advise you the best 40ft container!

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